Pork skinning machine for sale

Pork skinning machine is widely used in butcher shop. Our skinning machine or derinder is very good effect and stable running. We have more than 10 years experience making this kind of machine. It is widely accepted by market. We have two types skinning machine. One is economic semi-automatic and the other is fully automatic.

Semi-automatic derinder:

  • Specification
  • Model:UMBP-435
  • Dimension:750×710×880mm
  • Derind Thickness:5-6mm
  • Production ability:18m/min
  • Voltage:380V 3 PHASE 50HZ
  • Power:75Kw
  • Weight:105Kg

Automatic derinder:

  • Specification
  • Model:UMBP-500Z
  • Dimension:830X2000X1160mm
  • Derind Thickness:5-6mm
  • Production ability:25m/min
  • Voltage:380V 3 PHASE 50HZ
  • Power:5Kw
  • Weight:255KG

Contact one of our sales for more details and video.

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