Meat Slicer UM-180D2019-01-03T13:05:26+00:00
Model UM-180D
Power 750W/ 1.1 KW
Voltage 220-240V / 380V/ 50HZ
Capacity 800KG/H
Thickness 2.5mm-25mm
N.W. 70KG
G.W. 85KG
Size 519X430X470MM


1. Single knife set design for easy disassembly and fast cleaning.
2. Can do slicing and cut the slices into strip after repeated cutting.
3. Slices thickness 2.5mm-25mm. The conventional configuration is 3.5mm. Need order  the knife set from the supplier if special thickness needed.
4. The drive gear is made of high strength engineering plastic, durable, quiet, no pollution of food.
5.  Safety design on meat entrance,  stop at once when open to ensure safety of operating person.
6. Machine body box & inner frame made of stainless steel AISI304. Fully comply with food  hygiene standards.