Fresh meat slicer for meat shop

Meat shop and supermarket usually sell processed meat with vacuum packaging nowadays. This is very convenient for customers process food at home. Meat material is sliced or minced ready for cooking. Union Machinery helps meat shop and supermarket to make this work easier.

Fresh meat slicer is one of our most popular machines. It has one knife set with round blades. Knife set size from 3mm-30mm. Customers could cut different sizes by changing different size knife set. The changing knife set is very easy. Customers could change it within 2 minutes. Also it could cut meat material into strips by cutting 2 times. Raw material first cut into slices. Put sliced meat into feeding port for a second time cut you will get meat strips.


  • The whole body is made of high quality stainless steel, and the thickness of the steel plate is 3mm.
  • Surface polishing and wire drawing,
  • Optimized hygienic design for easy cleaning;
  • The machine blade is made of stainless steel, special quenching process
  • Sharp and durable, real food machinery special blade
  • The machine adopts double-edged cutting, and the cutting edge is matched tight.
  • Independent knife set, noise-reducing high-strength nylon gear can be freely disassembled
  • Without damaging the dietary fiber tissue, the cut surface is smooth and fresh
  • Make its meat products thin and even, high quality and consistent
  • Completely different from the existing machines by cutting, pulling, twisting
  • With universal brake casters for easy transfer
  • This machine can cut boneless meat, and can cut poultry through changing blades.
  • Elastic food cut into strips slices and dices
  • This machine is suitable for large, medium and small-scale catering or meat processing enterprises.
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