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Pork skinning machine for sale

Pork skinning machine is widely used in butcher shop. Our skinning machine or derinder is very good effect and stable running. We have more than 10 years experience making this kind of machine. It is widely accepted by market. We have two types skinning machine. One is economic semi-automatic and the other is fully [...]

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Fresh meat slicer for meat shop

Meat shop and supermarket usually sell processed meat with vacuum packaging nowadays. This is very convenient for customers process food at home. Meat material is sliced or minced ready for cooking. Union Machinery helps meat shop and supermarket to make this work easier. Fresh meat slicer is one of our most popular machines. It [...]

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Euro quality fresh meat slicer export to europe

Days ago we delivered several units of fresh meat slicer and stripper machine to customers abroad. These machines are very good choice for small meat shops, supermarket shops and restaurants. Features: 1. Technique of Germany 2. Styled and compact construction in stainless steel AISI 304 3. Surface processing is the [...]

2019-01-08T11:22:08+00:00January 8th, 2019|Meat Slicer|

Meat Slicer UM-200D

Features: 1. Single knife set design for easy disassembly and fast cleaning. 2. Can do slicing and cut the slices into strip after repeated cutting. 3. Slices thickness 2.5mm-25mm. The conventional configuration is 3.5mm. Need order    the knife set from the supplier if special thickness needed. 4. The drive gear is made of high strength [...]

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