Meat Slicer

For fresh meat and poultry

Powerful slicer for fresh meat and poultry. Multi-functional. By changing different kinfe set, you could cut different thickness. Blades with teeth is specially for poultry cutting. Also stripper model with 2 kinfe sets could cut meat into strips at once.

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Meat Mincer UM-32F




High quality BANDSAW for butcher shop and meat processing factory.

Durable and steady

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  1. Whole body SUS 304 material.
  2. Developed and improved based on Germany REICH brand. CE Certified.
  3. Gradually start up and emergency stop in 2 seconds. Frequency converter control, safer and more efficient.
  4. Nitrogen spring device for bandsaw blade tightening. Bandsaw tighten force is even and longer service life. Automatically adjust tightening force during running. Easy replace bandsaw.
  5. Two functional platform- fixed and movable. Could be used according to different material and requirement, improve cutting efficiency.
  6. Pushing pole and movable platform can protect operator from accident.
  7. Whole body water-proof. Easy clean.
  8. Bandsaw wheel dynamic balance by cutting. No sanitary dead angle.
  9. Waste rate around 6%, lower waste.

Automatic Derinder UMBP-500Z

  1. Machine made of SUS304 stainless steel, compliance with international food safety standards.
  2. Thickness adjustment device, according to customer demand, adjust the peeling thickness.
  3. Movable design, high strength moving casters, machine running smoothly, free space moving.
  4. Germany blade, blade wear resistant, pork cut surface is smooth.
  5. Automatic equipment, reduce labor costs and improve efficiency.
  6. Optimized machine structures, smooth running, low noise.
  7. Safe operation, thick adjustment fixing device and foot plate switch, operations more secure.
  8. Large and small knife comb, clean minced meat on rollers.
  9. Suitable for flat pork peeling and remove fat.
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Germany imported derinder blade

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